Protect your eyesight

3 things you didn’t know about your eyeglasses

Sunglasses, best for full sunlight1/ UV protection is not linked to the tint of your lenses !

Eyeglasses equipped with clear lenses can provide excellent protection against UV rays, sometimes even more than some sunglasses! You have probably noticed that sunscreens are mostly transparent and still protect you.
Still, your daily eyeglasses can’t replace your sunglasses in full sunlight: sunwear equipment offers better visual comfort while protecting a wider area around the eye because frames are usually larger.


2/ All lenses do not provide the same level of UV protection.

The E-SPF varies a lot from one lens to another: from 2 to 50+. It depends on the lens material and the antireflective coating. Check the E-SPF value of your equipment with your Eye-Care Professional.


3/ Wearing UV protective eyeglasses contribute to delaying the appearance of cataracts.

On average, cataract surgery occurs six years later in persons who have worn spectacles for at least 20 years compared with people who have not worn them.”*

* Dr Janet Voke, Optometry today July 16. 1999 Optometry Today 

Ask advice to your eye-care professional.